Give Your Home Trendy And Modern Aesthetics With Wall Cladding

Give Your Home Trendy And Modern Aesthetics With Wall Cladding

Merino Laminates, September 22, 2023

Just as important as it is for you to focus on the structural plan of the house, the aesthetics of it can’t be overlooked! As of today, people are very much inclined towards enhancing the aesthetics of their houses with creative & innovative design elements and structures using specific materials and accessories.

Among the spaces around your house that need the touch of aesthetics with modern design elements, the walls hold the maximum exposure. You can’t plan on doing the interiors while skipping the part that’s going to be visible the most, right?

So, considering what’s best for the walls of your house to project modern aesthetics, designer claddings would go well!

If you want to know more about how wall cladding can change the entire appeal of your house interiors, this article is your design guide!

What are Wall Claddings?

Wall claddings are simple coverings used over concrete walls. This hides the standard and unappealing walls and adds a premium look to the entire space. It is not just about getting a great-looking interior but also about protecting your wall from extreme weather conditions such as storm, snow, rain, fire, etc.! 

There are both interior and exterior wall cladding options available for you to enhance the aesthetics of your house or office space. No paint job can match the elegance that these wall claddings have to offer. They are available in the form of laminates made out of different materials such as aluminum, plywood, cement boards, natural stones, etc. 

Depending on whether you seek indoor or outdoor wall cladding, the materials can be chosen accordingly. Every material and the design replicated with the use of it will create a unique vibe. Alongside residential construction, interior wall claddings are more popular among malls, commercial spaces, and others. 

What are the Benefits of Seeking Wall Claddings in the Interior and exterior of a House?

If you are not yet convinced about getting wall claddings for your property’s interior and exterior decor, here are some benefits for you to change your mind:

  • Great Protective Layering

Modern exterior cladding for the walls will act as a reinforcement and prevent the surface from adverse effects like rain, sunlight, or humidity.. 

  • Better Aesthetics 

It doesn’t matter whether you use the claddings on the outside or on the inside; one thing is ensured: the aesthetics will be top-notch! This interior work, when done by professionals, would give a realistic appeal to the space. It is upon you to decide whether you want a classic, retro, or modern-styled appeal for the house or office!

  • Versatility in Design

There are several cladding options for you to avail in order to match your preferred design vibe. Laminated, cemented, wooden, and natural stone claddings are the most common options out there! You can literally mix & match or go with monotonous cladding design options for you to embrace the versatility. 

  • Low-Maintenance

The claddings require minimum upkeep in comparison to other materials. They are easy to clean, repair, and can maintain their original shine for a longer period of time. Moreover, they are more durable and can be replaced easily when needed.

  •  Thermal & Sound Insulation

Wall cladding is the added layer to the wall structure of your home. If you have added these panels to both exterior and interior walls, you can achieve sound & thermal insulation with ease. Hence, you will be saving on utility bills! With the use of the right materials or depending on your requirements, the insulation properties can be further enhanced as well. 

  • High Durability

The claddings are made up of high-quality materials to withstand the robust weathering elements. It doesn’t just last longer but also protects the actual wall from deteriorating over time. Thus, it will not just appreciate the price of your house but would enhance its all-round durability as well. 


These are not just the benefits of wall cladding but are evident reasons why you should count on getting your interior and exterior walls renovated with them. The demand for quality claddings has increased across the globe in the past few years, considering the popularity of creating presentable appeal for respective properties.

If you are one among such people who are looking for reasonably priced and quality wall cladding work, get in touch with Merino. We can help you add a dreamy look to your entire home or office space. Explore our site, or get in touch with us to know more about our wall cladding options.

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