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Everything You Need To Know About Merino Plywood

Merino Laminates, April 29, 2022

Plywood is a type of manufactured wood panel. It may be utilized in both home interiors and commercial structures. Selecting plywood for your furniture is a crucial decision. Merino Laminates offer a variety of plywood that play an important part in your home’s interior design. But, why should you select this material over other options in the market? Explore now.

What is Plywood?

The strength of any piece of furniture is what makes it beautiful. Its lifespan and strength are derived from the plywood that makes up its core. Plywood is known as ‘the backbone of furniture’ for this reason. Multiple wooden layers are joined together to give the furniture a lot of strength and endurance.

Merino uses cutting-edge technology to create plywood, which provides the utmost strength and support that furniture requires. Merino plywood is made of indigenous quality wood from India, such as Eucalyptus (Safeda) and Poplar, which makes it durable from inside out. Plywood’s amazing strength and resistance to any form of climatic adversity is due to the meticulous technique, which also makes it long-lasting.

Everything You Need To Know About Merino Plywood

Distinct series of Merino plywood such as BWP Plywood and MR Plywood, give different benefits.

Key Features of Merino Plywood:

  • Extreme Heat Resistant – Even after being in direct touch with boiling water, it is designed to withstand damage and degeneration.
  • Chemical Retardant – The phenolic formaldehyde resin component ensures biological and chemical endurance.
  • Termite & Borer Resistant – Merino Plywood is highly resistant to termite, fungus and borer.
  • Calibrated – Dual hot treatment is used on Merino BWP Plywood laminate, and it is properly calibrated for an even finish and maintains a consistent thickness throughout the laminate’s length.
  • Extra Durable – These plywood boards are built to last for a long time and come with 15 years and 20 years warranty on Tuff plywood and Super plywood respectively.
  • Varied Applicability – Plywood has been the material of choice for fixed furniture such as beds, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, doors and tables. It can also be used as partition boards to introduce a sense of privacy in small spaces like studio apartments.

Now that you have all the information you need about the features of plywood, you can choose the best material for your home. Merino offers a wide range of high-quality plywood with distinct features.

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