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Digital Laminates: Transform Spaces with Imagino Collection

Merino Laminates, March 10, 2022

In today’s tech-savvy era when everything is turning digital, ever thought of using this innovation for your workplace or home interiors? Yes, digital surface designs are setting trends as interior designers are increasingly turning to them. If you are ready to bring your imagination to life then digital laminates are a great option. They can introduce personalized appeal to your space, making it more captivating than ever before.

Merino brings you an exclusive range of digital laminates called ‘Imagino’. From customizing part of images and repeating a single image on multiple laminates, to distributing the image on two or more laminates, Imagino makes the impossible possible. This versatile range allows you to play endlessly with colours, designs, and textures.

What is Merino Digital Laminate or Imagino?

Merino Imagino Laminates are digitally printed, high-quality Special Laminates. The use of digital printing allows complete freedom and creativity for the customer or the designer. These highly decorative digital surfaces promise an enriching and refreshing look for the interiors, be it furniture, countertops, walls or any other part.

How Imagino Works?

Share your most precious clicked moments with us; possibly in .TIFF format (tagged image file format) and we will help you visualize the laminate. The digital laminates provide a boundless range of customization possibilities.


Key Features of Imagino Digital Laminates

Highly Decorative- The digitally printed laminates come in a range of attractive colours, patterns and textures, which makes the range highly decorative. A customizable range that is manufactured with the preferences of your need and taste.

Resistant to Abrasion- Imagino is abrasive in nature. It can withstand daily wear & tear and comes with an increased lifespan in comparison to any other digital laminate.

Extremely Durable- Merino digital laminates are highly resistant to scratches, stains, moisture and heat, hence, they provide ideal application for bedroom, living room, wardrobe, workplaces, schools, restaurants among others.

Easy Maintenance- These digital laminates can be cleaned easily with a damp, soft cloth. For persistent stains like coffee or tea, use a mild detergent followed by wiping with a clean cloth. Avoid using brushes and scourers.

With Imagino, Merino recognizes your artistic instinct and gives you endless choices of digitally customized laminates to choose from. To explore more about this magnificent range check out the Imagino Special Laminate page now.

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