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Merino Laminates, December 8, 2020

The person you are when you are alone in your most comfortable space is who you really are. Even if you are the busiest and most outdoorsy person on the planet, chances are that this space for you is your bedroom. The bedroom is where most people spend the majority of their time in. It is important to have a bedroom to yourself that you like coming home to, resting in, getting ready in every day and spending your free time in. Therefore, when you are remodelling your home, make sure to pay special attention to each detail of this space.

Interior renovation and your remodelling your room can be an overwhelming task but knowing what to do can make this an exciting process. Make designing your room a breeze with Merino décor Laminates.

Here is how you can use our products in making your dream room a reality.

What’s your hue?

One of the first things to do while designing your room is to set the tone of the space. Decide on one color that you would like to be the basic tone in your room. This can make it easy to avoid cluttering of colors and build the rest of your room. If you can’t choose one color, select multiple ones that complement each other. Merino decorative laminate comes in a host of colors, so this will be an easy victory. If you don’t quite enjoy the burst of colors and prefer sober tones, those are available in plenty too.

Let your walls tell stories

Give your walls a makeover with Merinolam high-pressure laminates. Highly impact, scratch and moisture resistant, this category of laminates come in many colours, designs and finishes to give your bedroom walls the signature look they deserve. Use these to either make one feature wall or walls that cover the whole room. If you want to add a bit of a drama to your room, check out Imagino- Customized Digital laminates that will help you bring just any imagination of yours into your bedroom.

Furniture is everything

Designing your room is incomplete without designing what furniture you want and how you want them to look. Design premium quality, sophisticated looking furniture to add that elegance to your room. Whether it is for the little work table you want in your room, your favourite vanity units that help you get dressed each day, your bed-side table, Merino laminates provides for each of your unique laminate needs. If you’re designing furniture for your kids’ rooms, discover Merino Unicolor laminate, a highly decorative range of laminates available in vibrant hues to give their rooms the life it needs.

Bring the outdoors in

Design your interior doors and windows using MDL. Make sure to allow ample natural lighting to enter your room to not only bring in the positive energy of the outdoors but also to accentuate the look of the rest of your room. Explore the various laminate colors and designs available to choose the best ones for your room. Merinolam HPL as well as Fire Retardant Laminates (FR+)  have applications in this area. Additionally, the entire range of laminates available in India are antibacterial and antifungal.

Your wardrobe decides who you are

Your wardrobe should not be clubbed along with the rest of your furniture because it has unique needs of its own. It stores the belongings that make you who you are. Discover Laminature for use on your wardrobes. This special category laminate will replicate the texture look of natural solid woods and veneers, adding the grace and style your wardrobes are worthy of.

Renovating your home would be incomplete without remodelling your bedrooms. Coming back home to a bedroom you love being in is necessary for your overall well-being. Allow yourself the pleasure of having a bedroom designed using Merino Decorative Laminates.

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