Luvih Haute Matte Laminates

Design Premium Office Spaces with Luvih Haute Matte Laminates

Merino Laminates, January 9, 2024

Carve the most beautiful and premium office spaces with Luvih by Merino. The range, specially designed for luxurious interiors, helps create minimalistic yet expansive and modern yet timeless designs. A perfect choice for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, it enhances the look and feel of interiors with its haute matte finish and satin smooth touch.

Merino Luvih – Matte Magic Reimagined

Merino Luvih Surfaces are made to withstand everyday wear and tear and maintain the look of the interiors. These surfaces are highly resistant to fingerprints because they are designed with Finguard technology.

According to SEFA 8.1, Luvih has high impact, high abrasion, and high chemical resistance. Additionally, these matte finish laminates have several high end attributes, including antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, making them hygienic and appropriate for your space.

Exclusive Range of Luvih Laminates

  • Zeroprint

The Zeroprint haute matte surfaces guarantee a satin smooth touch that is preserved for a longer time span and is appropriate for horizontal and vertical usage in business decor. In heavy traffic areas where product longevity is crucial, Zero Print is readily available on the market. Additionally, the collection comes in solid, stone, and wood patterns with more than 25 color variations.

  • Flex

Flexible in nature, Flex is specially designed for non linear surfaces. These bendable matte finish laminates for kitchens can be used in commercial spaces that are avant garde, and experimental and need laminates to support their modernistic designs.

  • Bloc

Bloc is a stand-alone compact that offers a haute matte premium finish. These surfaces can be directly used without any strengthening support. Bloc has six different versions and comes in three different sizes: 3 mm, 6 mm, and 12 mm.

  • OneTone

The onetone series comes in a unique combination of high quality decorative laminates and a homogenous solid color core. The uniformity in color of the core and the top makes it an ideal choice for shelves, cabinets, tabletops, countertops, and more. The consistent look lets the beauty of solid colors flow seamlessly with no dark edges.

  • StarDust

These incredibly attractive surfaces are adorned with glitters, granules, and stones for a high-end and luxurious finish, echoing the brilliance of the night sky. Stardust will undoubtedly give your high-end areas a dash of glitz.

Key Features of Luvih Laminates

The intriguing features of Luvih’s world could serve as design ideas for beautiful interiors. The luxurious range is truly an amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality, creating an exquisite environment around your space.

They possess a range of cutting edge properties, such as –

  • Fingerprint resistance 
  • High scratch resistance
  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • Easy to clean

The Luvih surfaces are certified with Greenguard Gold, guaranteeing the product’s sustainability. These anti-fingerprint laminates offer a remarkable blend of style, toughness, and are steadily becoming a common component of interior design in commercial spaces.

Go For Merino Luvih Laminates

Luvih is not just a brand; it is a design philosophy. It represents the convergence of luxury and innovation, providing a range of laminates that set new standards in the industry. The Haute Matte Laminates embody the essence of Luvih, marrying beauty with functionality to create spaces that resonate with style and substance.

Merino Luvih Haute Matt Finish Laminates are more than just a surfacing solution; they are an investment in your company’s well being, success, and image. Visit our website today, and explore the endless possibilities. Let Luvih help you craft the premium office space your team deserves.


Q. What are the benefits of a matte finish?

Matte finishes reduce glare, create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and are resistant to fingerprints and smudges. They are perfect for creating a focused and relaxed working environment.

Q. Can you draw on matte laminate?

Not directly. Due to its non porous surface, markers and pens won’t leave a lasting mark. However, you can use dry erase markers for temporary annotations on Luvih laminates. 

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