Best Laminates For Minimalist Home Furniture Designs

Merino Laminates, October 20, 2021

If you are kind of over the whole deal with grand designs and designer furniture for your home, you have stumbled upon the right blog. With the large-scale shortage of space that homeowners have been facing, especially in busy cities, it really does look like minimalism is the sensible way to go. The sleek, modern, and elegant look of the minimalistic design is enough to make you swoon over it. Homeowners everywhere have been captivated by some of the contemporary homes that opted for minimalistic designs for their home renovation, and we are sure that you would be, too.

If you are wondering what material is the best choice for your minimalistic home designs, we are here to tell you that laminates are the way to go. Laminates, which are also known as Mica in the markets, beautifully replicate the feel and texture of natural elements. They give you the option of choosing among so many different kinds of design- all equally aesthetic and extremely durable. Here are some of the best laminates from Merino for use in your home’s transformation to a modern and minimalistic one.

  1. Humbling walls
  2. Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly at ease, and calm? If you have, then you certainly would have wanted that for your home as well. Discover Matt Meister panels from Merino, to give your walls that sleek, modern, and minimalistic look. Matt Meister panels come in a lot of hues, but for your walls that aim to be humble, we suggest you choose bright coloured panels. They invite a lot of light and positivity into your home while making the space look bigger than it is.

  3. Laminates for your living room
  4. Your living room is unquestionably one of the most important parts of your home, especially if you have a relatively smaller space. Use laminates in such a way that your living room becomes a space where you can just pop in and feel relaxed and chilled out. The best choice for your living room needs, in this case, are Luvih Haute Matt Surfaces. Finguard technology, which makes the laminates fingerprint resistant, is used to create these Haute Matte surfaces. This is meant to ensure that your surfaces remain elegant, even in minimalism.

  5. Modern kitchen décor
  6. When it comes to kitchen décor, minimalism is always an excellent choice. For the busiest room in the house with the most chance of creating clutter, a clean and simple design makes a world of difference. Impreza Unicolour Core Tops is the best pick of countertop laminate for you. The simple and uncomplicated design it brings to your kitchen countertops is the embodiment of the contemporary minimalistic design.

  7. Bedrooms that let you be yourself
  8. Bedrooms built with over-the-top, grandeur designs are now so over. If you have wanted an elegant but unpretentious design for your bedroom, we have excellent choices of laminates for you. Choose carefully from our Merinolam laminates for use on your bedroom furniture. Choose colours that speak to you and patterns that define who you are. After all, your bedroom should be your go-to space for anything.

    Minimalism strives for objectivity and simplicity. It wants to remove away the ornamental layers that might be built on top of works and reduce them to the fundamental, the essential, and the necessary. If these words resonate with your personality, then minimalism is for you and your home. Discover laminates from Merino for use in your minimalistic home furniture.

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