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Benefits of using Merino High-Pressure Laminates

Merino Laminates, June 1, 2021

Laminates are quickly becoming a word used frequently and a material that has become indispensable in the architecture and interior design industry. High-Pressure Laminates, sometimes called HPL is a material used for both commercial and residential purposes and has a variety of applications- the main advantage for it being so in demand. To make the concept of HPL more comprehensible, let us look at how they are manufactured.

A multi-step method is used in the manufacture of High-Pressure Laminates. It consists of up to eight layers of Kraft paper infused with resin, decorative paper, and a transparent layer. Under high levels of temperature and pressure, these layers are engineered into HPL. These are then mounted on to a substrate, such as MDF or Plywood. Merino Laminates is one of the largest manufacturers of HPL in the world. Having provided interior solutions to homes, offices, commercial and public areas for decades, Merino is your one-stop-shop for all your HPL needs. Why choose Merino HPL over others? Read on to understand.

Variety like you have never seen before

Merino offers the largest design collection, which is centred around the latest trends. We have a host of colours and textures for you, and over forty finishes to choose from. Also, there are eleven different sizes for maximum economic utilization. With this many varieties, you will be spoilt for choice.

  1. Applications
  2. High-Pressure Laminate boards have many applications. They have both vertical and horizontal alignments to start with. HPL from Merino is suited for several uses such as furniture items like tabletops, work-tops and vanity units. They also have application in areas such as cubicles, lifts, linings for walls and many more. It is evident that they are apt for commercial, residential, and office uses.

  3. Best Prices
  4. The best thing about HPL is that like it comes in a lot of designs, it also comes in different price ranges. There is an HPL destined for you, no matter what your budget is.

  5. Best Features
  6. If you thought that the only quality about HPL is their aesthetic value, let us correct that. Laminates here are the most enduring materials for your space. They are resistant to stains- due to its non-porous properties. The tough surfaces protect them from scratches, so they are perfect for everyday use. Also, they are impact and moisture resistant. Want more? You can also ask for them to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

  7. Stress-free to care for
  8. Unlike many other materials out there, HPL is low-maintenance and hassle-free to have around. With a little bit of regular cleaning with mild cleansing agents, you are good to go.

High-Pressure Laminates are a great choice no matter if your needs are for your home, office needs or commercial properties. Picking Merino for your High-Pressure Laminate needs is a no brainer. Not only do we deliver the best quality, spectacular designs keeping in mind the most modern trends and use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture your products, but we also give you the best deals.

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