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4 Reasons Why to Choose Unicolour Laminates for Interior Space Decoration

Merino Laminates, August 1, 2022

Be it a home or a workplace, it’s a fact that people’s emotions, moods, and attitudes are greatly influenced by the interior design of a space. The world of interior design has been transformed by recent breakthroughs in the laminate industry. It is undoubtedly the most sought-after option for interior decorators due to its elegant look and robustness. When it comes to selecting the right type of laminates, Unicore laminates are one of the popular choices.

The core of the Merino Uni+ laminate is made of decorative/coloured kraft paper that has been treated with a specially developed resin that gives it impact resilience and resists bowing while letting the colour shine through. This special selection of homogeneous solid colours having the same colour on both the decorative surfaces and the core layers, provide flawless uniformity in appearance and design. It allows you to choose from the wide range of designs available to pick the ones that suit you the best!

Why to Choose Unicolour Laminates for Interior Space Decoration

Reasons to Choose Merino Unicolour Laminates

Although, the differences between laminates and Unicolour laminates may not seem significant to the untrained eye when employed in interior design. But the latter greatly increases the feeling of performance and sophistication. Here are the top four compelling reasons why you should select Merino Unicolour Laminates, whether for business needs or home decor:

Outstanding Aesthetic Appeal
The primary characteristic that sets unicore laminates apart from other laminates is that it has edges that match the top design of the laminate. This premium range does not have black edges, has better aesthetic appeal and practical qualities of surface decor for years to come.

Abrasion Resistant- It offers greater abrasion resistance than laminate of a standard grade. For applications such as worktops, countertops, kitchens, and drawers it is possible to obtain a very attractive & seamless effect with our Uni+ laminates.

Offer MR+ Finish– Excellent Mar resistance is provided by Merino Unicolour Laminates with MR+ characteristics. These highly decorative laminates increase resistance to micro-scratches and guarantee that the glossy surface stays spotless for a long time.

Dry Heat-Resistant
Uni+ laminates meet the requirements of EN438 for dry heat resistance and have a heat resistance rating of 180°C (356°F). Thus, they are highly recommendable for areas like kitchen countertops and workspaces.

Easy Maintenance
Because the core of Unicolour Laminates has a similar colour, scratches are less noticeable than on laminates with a brown core. They can be cleaned in a few simple steps. For regular stains use a clean, damp, soft cloth to gently scrub the surface.
For stubborn stains, clean the surface initially with a moist towel or use a sponge and gentle detergent. After that, dry it off with a different clean cloth or sponge.

For both residential and commercial places, Unicolour Laminates meet your needs and assist you in making better decisions. Look through our ever-expanding selection of Special Laminates to find the ideal match for your interior decoration project.

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