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welcome to the world of imagination

The Power to Create


Give wings to your imagination at Merino Experience Center (MEC).
A glorious exhibit of all Merino panel products and its brands at a single retail space.
Located centrally, for convenience of customers, the MEC serves as a single window platform for consumers,
business associates & channel partners to relish a firsthand experience of Merino diverse assortment of products.



One Stop Solution For All Your Surface Need

welcome to the world of imagination

  • in depth product orientation
  • digital tool with cutting edge technology
  • expert technical assistance
  • A platform for Channel partners & merino
  • The center provides an in-depth product orientation to consumers, so they can experience the grand display of products and choose from its wide range of colors, designs and textures.
    Merino Experience Center also delivers unmatched customers benefit by helping customers comprehensively understand its technical attributes, product installation guidelines & maintenance tips for extended product life, skillfully guided by Merino per-sonnel.
    The center is also equipped with digital tools, which helps Consumers Bridge the gap of visualizing ne surface products in real life application, by digitally showcasing some of the executed site images with these product applications. Also Merino Experience Center will portray the latest cutting edge technology, & some amazing facts about laminates which will broaden the customer knowledge to next level.
    Merino Experience Center also will act as a single window platform for Architects, interior Designers and other channel partners where the y can get themselves oriented with our merino teams, to get all necessary technical details, product available and budget estimation process information all under one roof.

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