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Merino Blueprint 2011
Merino is an India's premier brand in the Interior Products, offering a wide variety like Laminates, Plywood, Solid Surfaces, and Restroom Cubicles & Furniture. Merino is the worlds third largest and India's largest manufacture of decorative laminates. As a corporate commitment, Merino promotes knowledge and good practices.

Blueprint is Merino's knowledge initiative, aiming at creating a platform for the students of interior. Design and architecture to learn from, gain experience and get mentored by young and leading Architects in the field of interiors. Merino's presence in this initiative adds inputs of material science, the current technology, and good industrial practices.

Last year in its first edition, we had students of 5 Architectural & Interior Design colleges and 5 mentoring Architects. There was a design competition which finally culminated in the Design fest. An interactive website was created for a broader reach-out to all architects and students interested in this knowledge based effort.