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Tuffply BWP (Boiling Water Proof)

  • Product Description:
    Manufactured keeping in mind the needs of carpenters making cots, wardrobes, furniture, almirahs etc, the BWP Board is designed to resist damage and deterioration even after being in direct contact with water.


    Timber: Radiate pine, imported from New Zealand is treated and used for stile and battens of block board (as per IS: 1659), which is termite and borer free and so durable
    Dimensional Stability: Timbers for stile and battens are seasoned in mechanical seasoning chamber to a moisture content of 8-10%. Veneers are dried in a mechanical dryer to the required % moisture content. The above process results in boards being dimensionally stable with no warpage
    Durability: Bonded with BWP grade phenol and formaldehyde resin (as per IS: 848) and GLP technology is applied to ensure that the bonding is excellent and boards are free from termites and borers. Finally, the block boards are further treated with preservative chemical of acid copper chrome composition which makes the block board absolutely free from insects, borers and termites

  • Grade:Tuff BWP Board & Super BWP Board

    In Millimeter
    In Feet

    Thickness19 mm and 25 mm

    Available in
    Non laminated and laminated form with various MERINO laminate designs

  • PropertyTest results as per IS 303 BWR GradeTest results of Merino TufplyWhat this means to a customer ?
    Edge Straightness (%)0.20NilBalance to fitting
    Squareness (%) 0.20Ready to fix
    Dimensional Changes caused by No changes
    Humidity at 90+ / - 5% (RH & Temp. 270C)In any climate
    A) Difference in Length+/-1 mmNilNo warping / bending
    c) Difference in Thickness+/-1 mmNil
    Dimensional Changes caused by
    Humidity at 40+/- 5% (RH & Temp. 270C)
    a) Difference in Length+/-1 mmNil
    b) Difference in Thickness+/-1 mmNil
    Resistance to WaterExcellent / Pass
    Standard / Poor
    ExcellentWithstands moisture Even boiling water will not damage
    Adhesion of pliesExcellent / Pass
    Standard / Poor
    ExcellentStrong bonding Frames and veneers are permanently bonded with boiling water proof glue
    Modulus of Rupture N/mm2
    A) Average5058Durability without deterioration
    B) Min-Individual4251
    Modulus of Elasticity N/mm2
    A) Average50006200Durability without deterioration
    B Min-Individual42004900
    Mycological testNo de-lamination At the edgeNo de-lamination Avoid fungus all together
    Spot TestTreatedTreatedFree from Borer and Termite
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